Options Trading Course

Option trading is the best way to make profits from any kind of Share Market movement. Join Options Trading Course at Wealth Note Share Market Academy in Pune to learn everything about Option Trading in the Stock Market. We have designed this course to help you become a professional Option Trader. It will give you great insight into the functioning of options, and become familiar with the concepts like understanding index and stock options, option trading strategies etc. We offer the Best Stock Market Training Course in Pune for beginners and experienced traders.

  • Options theory and definition
  • Option contracts - call and put
  • Call Buyer and Call Seller
  • Put Buyer and Put Seller
  • Option payoff charts

  • Underlying asset and Spot price
  • Stock Option and Index Option
  • Selection criteria for stock options
  • Expiry date and contract cycle
  • Cost of Carry
  • ATM, ITM, OTM options
  • Lot Size and Contract Value
  • Futures Margin
  • Intrinsic value and Calculation
  • Time value and Volatility Value
  • Exercise and Settlement
  • Mark to Market Settlement
  • Open interest and Volume

  • What is Option chain
  • How to read an option chain

  • Option delta
  • Option delta acceleration
  • Option gamma
  • Option theta
  • Option Vega
  • Properties of Option Greeks
  • Calculation of Option Greeks

  • Put Call ratio
  • Open interest analysis
  • Open interest vs volume
  • Find support resistance using option chain

  • Call long and short
  • Put long and short
  • Bull call spread
  • Bull put spread
  • Bear call spread
  • Bear put spread
  • Long straddle
  • Short straddle
  • Long strangle
  • Short strangle
  • Hedging with options
Our aim for starting the share market training in Pune is to help you leverage the potential of the stock market for wealth creation. By completing this course successfully, you'll become an expert in analyzing Option trades, identifying best Options, minimizing risk, and using the best techniques for option trading.
  • Options Trading Course will help you understand the basics of the Option Market Trading
  • You will be able to decide where to buy and sell the Options using Technical Analysis
  • You will learn how to minimize losses and maximize profits using Risk Management
  • How to trade in intraday and delivery in options
  • Make real money using our Option Trading Strategies.
  • Apart from course learning you will be provided with a lifetime support by our team. For any assistance you can call or email us any time. We also provide current news and regular updates through our blogs, videos, social media groups, etc.

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